Cada espejo un fantasma


Every mirror I face, every prejudice I have, every devil that crosses my path, is the reflection of my ghosts. Tackling them, resisting them, one by one, is the way. Climbing each step towards connection with the universe. In the Nothingness of proactive resistance, I found a sea of stories that gave spiritual transcendence to those moments of confinement where the encounter with oneself was the only way. Nothing was there and yet the ghosts appeared, crossed the threshold, and were vanished in my Blossoming Battle. There are many mirrors left along the way. You are one of them. I am one of them for you. We are one, each one collaborating with the other, in its evolution.

“Nothingness” / “Sea of stories. The unknown M sees the encirclement of the pandemic as a blessing” / “Central for the US that the DEA returns to Mexico” / “Prejudices say a lot about society; they are mirrors of its rules, beliefs, and codes.” / “Our sexual revolution”


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